Hi. I’m Astreya!

Pronounced a-STREE-yah.


My team and I will be handling your bookkeeping from now on.

I’ll be taking the load off your hands, leaving you free to create new ideas which means more money and making sure your numbers make sense to you.

No more data entry. No more bean counting. No more worrying.

We want you to focus on your business. We’ll handle your books.


Here’s how it works:

1.     We’ll meet via phone, Skype or Google Hangout.

2.     We’ll talk about your current financial situation and goals.

3.     We’ll identify any issues that you may be facing, concerns you have and questions you’re looking for guidance on.

4.     We’ll discuss options available in terms of getting your finances to where you’d like them to be and helping your business do accounting better.

5.     No matter how the call goes, we’ll wrap up by leaving you with an immediate action step to implement in maximizing your situation right away. 

Professional Bio:

Astreya is an accountant with 7 years of experience and training in both Public Accounting and Industry Accounting. But, she’s not your typical accountant. She majored in money and understands the huge disconnect between today’s entrepreneurs and the story behind their money, whether in business or personal.

She cuts through the fancy lingo and breaks down complicated topics, while providing clear-cut guidance on the money moves you can make to improve your financial situation right now. She utilizes fun and educational approach in working with both professional and entrepreneurial individuals to help you organize, gain confidence and build security in your financial life. With money coming in, it’s time to be tuned in to the money that’s leaving out, whether it’s through bookkeeping, financial consulting, payroll and sales taxes, budgeting or forecasting. Let Astreya help you improve your cash flow and profitability through proper cash management and start streamlining your operations.

At the Broke Entrepreneur, our motto is:

We do Accounting. You do you.


"Whether you consider yourself a side hustler or entrepreneur, we are going to work together to help you live an organized and stress-free life around money that gives you the confidence and security you deserve. It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about what you do with what you keep."

- Astreya